Just Opened: FuelwithFlavour.com

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear friends and visitors,

I am so thrilled and excited to launch my online spice store: fuelwithflavour.com.
Whew! Finally! It was a hectic few days while we ground, printed, shopped, designed and toiled over every last detail. And what a relief it was when it literally went 'Saturday night live'!

We'll be adding more products to the catalogue, more spice blends, some beautiful kitchen gear and more importantly, more recipes here on this blog to use those aromatic blends. 

This idea started when I went back home and family members convinced me to open an online store. My Mom wanted me to open a bakery! Maybe that will come to be as well ;)

Why spices? Because I come from the Spice Islands!!! Growing up, Oma's cooking and baking with all the fresh herbs, roots and spices always filled the house with aromatic and fragrant aromas. Nutmeg, cinnamon, mace ... I grew up with them. They actually hail from where Oma comes from, the island of Sulawesi. And since I've moved away, going back home is always a treat for the palate because I get to savour all these spices fresh at their best. Fortunately, most spices are available everywhere now. But not spices are created, or sourced, equally.

And this is where I found an opportunity to channel my retail background and my love for all things culinary. The love child of these two is now open and delivering the best to you 24/7.

Bear with me as the store grows to accommodate more amazing blends and gift ideas. I would love to hear from you should you have any suggestions or comments. Happy shopping!


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