Father's Day Lunch

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Celebrating Father's Day was relatively easy. After all, as long as Father has his favorite chocolate almond bark, we would call it a day. Well, he had his bark and then some. 

We bought and re-plated ;) some sushi. Having missed sushi day a few days before (June 18) this was a great occasion as any. After all, everyone was famished and we actually managed to eat lunch at lunch time. Not like Mother's Day when brunch turned into tea. LOL ...

Tokyo Joe had an amazing sushi roll selection, which we enjoyed very much.

We also made a fabulous chocolate applesauce spiced bundt cake with ahem.. homemade applesauce. Applesauce = less butter = less guilt. Dark chocolate shards masked the faint taste of cinnamon and black pepper, giving it an interesting twist.

And the piéce de resistance, for Father at least, was this dark chocolate Marcona almond bark. Hmmm...

Not one to be consumed by guilt, we took a 12km walk along the seawall to burn off all those calories. It was the day of the summer solstice and the weather was beautiful! So was the walk ;)

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