About Me

Hi, I'm Sheila and welcome to my blog.

Like me, Fueling with Flavour has come a long way. I've been cooking now for a grand total of two, 5, now 7 years, an amateur by all standards. But we've grown up with a wide variety of cuisines, coming from a multicultural family, and we have travelled and eaten around the world.

In keeping our varied ethnicities and cultures alive, we need to keep our taste buds attuned to their ancestral origins. That's why you will find here a taste of the Indian, with special emphasis on Sindhi cuisine; a taste of the Indonesian, especially the Manadonese dishes, and surely, the universal Chinese dishes. Plus, a little bit of Thai, Japanese and other cuisines that I would surely include in my repertoire for their rich taste and yummy factor!

I believe that eating should be a feast for the senses. Food should look pleasing to the eye, entice you with the aromas, then captivate your taste buds. It should be a balance of flavors, that tingles different parts of your palate. That probably sums up what I try to achieve in the kitchen.

Nothing here is new, but I like to take the classics and the family favorites, then twist it and make it my own. I use only fresh, natural ingredients, wherever possible or available, and since I adore spices, I use a lot of them, okay, I overdose on them. Besides, more and more researches are proving they are beneficial for health.

And I'm thrilled and proud to say that I now have an online store selling freshly ground blends and rubs, carefully and lovingly made from the best ingredients I can source. After all, coming from the Spice Islands myself, I thought it was befitting ;) Come and take a look at fuelwithflavour.com. More recipes featuring how to use the varied spices will be added on. Plus, there are actual recipes of the spice blends if you would like to make them yourself!

It is here in this blog that I preserve our favorites for myself, my children and maybe, generations to come. After all, it beats lugging around a trunk full of cookbooks!

So welcome to my kitchen ... and my home. Browse, search, comment and share. And maybe try some recipes. ;)