Birthday Game Plan (Project 130911)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The title for this post should ideally be 'How to bake 4 cakes on the same day without breaking a sweat', but it doesn't sound so elegant, does it? Sounds more like click bait :) Then again, if that's what propels this humble blog and my internal monologue to stellar prominence, so be it. Click baiting it is!

Well its that time of year to tackle another 4 cakes. Honestly, it was the selecting that was the most tedious. Only because there was considerable negotiation involved. Surely we wanted to please the recipients of these amazing treats. But more importantly, balance is the order of the day! Tact and persuasion played a hand in making sure not everyone needed a chocolate cake. On the same day!!

Fortunately, we brought our kids up with an appreciation for culinary variety and this extended to desserts. Yes, we will have a chocolate cake, undoubtedly, and we'll let Michael have this. For the girls ... maybe something light and ethereal. Or am I just portraying them as such. Seriously, there are all sorts of cakes to enjoy and we can be very experimental about it. And that runs the gamut from almond to zucchini. This time, we didn't have to sway to the extremes of the alphabet and settled for coffee, white chocolate and classic vanilla. Oh, and chocolate!
Mise en place is crucial here, as you can see. It also helps that I'm slightly OCD, or as the OCDites put it, CDO. That's OCD in alphabetical order. Planning, preparation then execution. Flowing as smoothly as a gushing river, once I get in the swing of things. And yes, I did bake all these cakes on the same day! How else could I get the lighting on these pics the same? LOL!

Oh, and if you're still sticking around, click on the titles below to see the cakes and their recipes:

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