Sublime Scrambled Eggs

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Funny how you think this was something you could whip up still groggy from sleep. Must admit that this is how I like them... soft, yet not runny, and firm, though not set. Aha! Not till I saw Gordon make this did I think I had to settle for less than perfection. The secret is to cook it on a stable low heat, taking it on and off the stove top, something I do for pancakes as well.

It's gratifying to see the humble breakfast staple made spectacular in a texture I was looking for all along. Thank you, YouTube!

6 large eggs
3 tbsp ice-cold butter diced
1-2  tbsp crème fraîche or sour cream
Freshly ground sea salt and pepper
Few chives, snipped (substitute with green onion if necessary)


1 Break the eggs into a cold, heavy-based pan, place on the lowest heat possible, and add half the butter
2. Using a spatula, stir the eggs frequently to combine the yolks with the whites
3. As the mixture begins to set, add the remaining butter
4. The eggs will take about 4-5 minutes to scramble – they should still be soft and quite lumpy
Note : Don’t let them get too hot – keep moving the pan off and back on the heat
5. Add the crème fraîche and season the eggs at the last minute
6. Top with the snipped chives.
7. Pile the softly scrambled eggs on top of toasted rustic bread and serve immediately

Update May 28, 2015

Now seriously, this took a bleeping long time to execute. As you can see, it took another 4 years to recreate this in my kitchen. As I was slaving over the stove with spatula in hand, stirring, I wondered if it would be another 4 years before I make this again. But after the photos have been taken, the content uploaded and I am gratifyingly biting into this sandwich (it was still warm), I made a mental note that it actually tasted bleeping awesome and that it was worth the extra 5 minutes to elevate my usual scrambled eggs into an astral level.

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