Chinese New Year's Eve Plentiful Dinner 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Always looking forward to this time of year. Not just for the festivities, but also a fresh change of luck and opportunity. 

Steamed whole fish is almost non-negotiable for a Lunar New Year dinner. The word for fish, yú, is a homophone for the word meaning surplus, hence the symbolism. Serving the fish whole adds to the meaning of having a whole, and not just a partial, surplus for the coming year.

In keeping with the tradition of having a whole bird, we managed to hack it with a... pssst... rotisserie chicken.. but wait... upped the game (pun intended) with a beautiful orange sauce marinade, then roasted it a bit more to get a delicious crispy exterior.

I was so delighted to find this bottle at the store. And I thought it'll be one of those times (yes there are a few) that I am getting it merely for the packaging. However, I'm pleased to report this wasn't a decision I will regret. Because not was this bottle so appropriate for the occasion, but also paired well with the cuisine. Cheers!

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