Hi! I'm on Yummly ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

If there ever was a site to save your recipes, this one is it! And trust me, I've tried plenty... 

Yummly is the place where you can find a gazillion recipes. You can search by ingredient, season, dietary restriction (I love this!!!), region, or simply what's quick and easy.

It's like Pinterest ... only faster (you don't have to click twice to get to a recipe). It's like google ... only prettier! It's a place where, after you create an account, you can save recipes from anywhere and everywhere ... including on Fueling with Flavour ;)

We've added these awesome buttons below that will be on every recipe post, so you can save our recipes in your recipe box with just one click of that cute orange Yum button.

And once you created your Yummly profile, you can add recipes even faster by installing the Yum bookmarklet here. 

Seriously, head over to their page and create your own recipe box now. It's super easy and you'll be glad you did. Your multitude of recipes can now be sorted, categorized to your own fancy, and most importantly, you can find them easily.

Happy Yumming!

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