Gado Gado

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The theme for this lunch at the Clubhouse was 'Light and Healthy'... and I totally forgot about it till the night before.

L-12 hours - Rummaged through the food closet and found the gado gado packs. Had 5 in all and it took two visits to Nusa Indah till it arrived here. Celine's fault.. she convinced me we didn't need it, so I relented. Then a few days before leaving, Mama called and asked if I needed anything from that part of town, I didn't hesitate. Glad they are here :)

10:00 - Rushed to Publix in the a.m. and got some bags of steamed vegetables ready to pop in the microwave. aah.. convenience! So I grabbed broccoli, a medley of corn, carrots and green beans. Also a pack of soybean sprouts and cucumbers.

10:30 - Got home, boiled eggs while steaming the vegetables and prepping the cucumbers and sprouts. Opened a pack of gado gado concentrate.. yikes.. spicy.. these white folk will soon be running to the loo, so then toned it down with more milk and brown sugar. Perfect. Finished off with a generous sprinkling of fried shallots.

11:15 - Plated everything in my banana leaf plate, good thing extra hands were around.

11:20 - Rushed upstairs to freshen up.

11:30 - Walked to the clubhouse. Right on time.. or maybe a tad late, everyone was already helping themselves to the buffet. But I was glad everyone tried it, asked about it and most were actually complementing.

Good thing no one asked for a recipe!

When I got home, the report was that it was a hit there as well, so much so that another pack of sauce was needed. Well then, we just have to bring more next time around...

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